The many uses of the Change Up.

There are many ways to use this the Change Up that 
go beyond the changing room concept. 

Here are just some that we've heard about. 

  • Portable Changing Room: The original purpose where you can change your clothes almost anywhere.

  • Privacy Blanket: The Change Up can also be your privacy block when you just don’t want someone seeing whatever it is that you are doing. Get your heads out of the gutter! You can have privacy when napping, breastfeeding, or whatever you are doing. When used on open doors of a van (side or back doors depending on particular vehicle), the privacy blanket provides privacy for users who wish to keep van doors open for ventilation without compromising privacy.  

  • Banner: The Change Up can be customized to print corporate logo. The blanket may be adhered to the side of a vehicle, between two vehicles or other areas for display as a promotional banner.  Such banners can be used at sporting events or tailgates to support your team!

  • Car Seat Cover: When you are sweaty from exercising or sandy from the beach (or just too dirty & stinky for your leather/upholstery interior), you can use the Change Up as a seat cover. The button and loop can be adhered behind the headrest and the water resistant material that protects car from wet or sweaty clothes, pets and kids. If your kids are as messy as ours, this might need to be left on the seats at all times!

  • Utility Blanket: Change Up’s water resistant material opens up to so many uses such as a portable tablecloth or picnic blanket that protects you and your food from wet ground, resists spills, sand and dirt. The magnets serve as weights so you don’t have it blowing around.

  • Mobile Awning: Who loves a tailgate? The Change Up creates the perfect portable awning where the magnets or buttons/loops can adhere to the roof of two cars creating shade for your party.  It can even keep your food dry in case it starts to rain on your party.

  • Poncho: The Change Up’s water resistant material blocks the rain, wind, sun and bugs.  The button and loop can go around your neck like a poncho (ok, you can also make a cape if you really want).

  • Video Backdrop: Whether taking a selfie or professional photographer, the Change Up can be used as a video backdrop.  

  • Window/Sun Blackout: The opaque material blocks out the sun from any window where the magnets can adhere to the metal sides of a window or can be hung by the loops and buttons. You can also drape it over anything in your car that you don’t want visible or need to keep a little cooler (electronics, groceries, luggage, etc.).

  • Electronics Protector: It can also be a poncho for your electronics! The water resistant material can protect electronics from wind, weather and other elements such as sand.  

  • Truck Bed Cover:  The Change Up can create a shaded and protected area in your truck bed while parked. The magnets can be adhered to the metal sides of the truck or can also utilize the buttons and loops to adhere to the truck protecting your stuff from the elements.

  • Security Blanket: Out of sight out of mind. We don’t suggest leaving valuables in your car but when you do just cover it up with the your change up reducing the chance for a smash and grab.